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Hooke's Law
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Experiment - step 1
Experiment - step 2
Experiment results
Different springs
Experiment results
Elastic limit

Hilary White, Francesca Trenwith, Louise Karalius and Jane Sherlock, Liverpool John Moores University
Paul Berry, MATTER Project

Hooke's Law gives the relationship between the force applied to an unstretched spring and the amount the spring is stretched when the force is applied.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module you should be able to:

provide a definition of Hooke's Law;
explain the terms 'extension' and 'elastic limit';
describe an experiment showing Hooke's Law in effect.

Assumed prior knowledge

It is assumed that you have knowledge of the following concepts:

the term 'force' and its SI unit the Newton (N);
reading a Newton meter; and
some basic algebra skills (specifically evaluating the gradient of a graph.



Materials Teaching Educational Resources
1999 MATTER Project, The University of Liverpool

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